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Expat tax services Taxsight

Are you an expat in The Netherlands and looking for expat tax services? Then you’re on the right spot at Taxsight. First of all, welcome to our wonderful country! We are known to be very open to anyone, from anywhere. And we would love to help you with anything. Moving to The Netherlands will always be exciting, but also a little bit overwhelming.

One of the reasons for that could be the difficult tax systems, especially when you’re working as an expat. Therefore we have professional tax advisors, who all have a lot of experience in both local and international tax matters. We can help you to arrange your expat tax matters easily and correctly!

What can we help you with?

We can help with everything around expat tax services. Advice, reports, explanations and custom made solutions, you name it. Our highly skilled and well trained team can help you with all your questions regarding laws, taxes, tax returns and more.

Cross border tax matters

As an expat you live and work in different countries, so you earn money abroad and also in different countries. What you don’t want then is to pay double taxes. That’s what we will help you avoid. Our team knows everything about the laws and regulations, and will make sure you pay as little tax as possible. Of course in a legal way.

International transactions

Maybe you are expecting money from another country, money as in a gift. Did you get money from a deceased family member, who lived abroad? Then be aware of the fact that these kind of gifts are subject to the annual taxes related to income. In The Netherlands that kind of money is seen as income. We will help you with this also, so that you don’t face any surprises.